Peony & Suede 120ml Candle

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The beautifully fragrant Peony Rose is intertwined with jasmine and suede in this intoxicating blend. There are several myths and legends about this stunning flower but our favourite is that they represent love at first sight (or smell in this case!)

Top: Red Apple

Middle: Peony, Jasmine, Carnation & Rose

Base: Suede

120ml candle will burn for approximately 20 hours. Our hand poured candles are made to order so please allow up to 10 days for dispatch.


Candle Care Instructions: Burn for a minimum of one hour or until the top layer has fully melted, this ensures an even melt, and don’t forget to trim your wick! It’s best to do it after each burn.

Recycle: Candle box is fully recyclable as are all the labels. Don't forget the lid on our jars are aluminium so recycle them too.

Repurpose: Our apothecary jars, which are made from recycled glass, are perfect for a tea light, cotton buds or if you're going away, for moisturiser / conditioner / shampoo!