About This Makes Scents

Our candles and luxury wax melts are hand poured to order in the mountains of West Wicklow, Ireland.

Our vision for This Makes Scents was to develop a sustainable and eco-friendly home fragrance company. Looking around, we were disappointed to see excess plastic packaging. We want our home to smell heavenly, but knew this could be achieved in a more sustainable way.

Being eco-friendly doesn’t mean the quality is reduced! We use Soy wax for our candles and luxury wax melts. Soy Wax comes from soybeans which are renewable, burns for almost 50% longer than paraffin wax and holds a fragrance better - giving you a longer and superior burn. It also provides a cleaner burn, leaving no sooty deposits. This is really important for your health, but even more important if you're pregnant, have kids or pets.

We use recycled glass jars & recyclable aluminum lids for our candles and our  luxury wax melts don’t come in plastic clamshells! We’ve found a more sustainable (and prettier) way to package these beauties, by individually wrapping them in recycled paper. And when it came to sourcing a wax melt burner, the material was obvious - bamboo. Why I hear you ask? Bamboo is the most environmentally sound plant in the world, absorbing 2x more carbon dioxide and producing 30% more oxygen than trees.  Bamboo also possesses antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, containing a micro element called ‘kun’ which stops bacteria from growing.

We didn’t stop there though! We’ve made it our mission to source the highest quality oils (maximising the scent throw) in addition to sourcing recyclable aluminum lids and where possible, recycled jars for our candles. We’ve made it our mission to reduce waste, which also includes our packaging which is fully recyclable and made from recycled materials - so no waste!

Oh yes, we’ve been scouring the market for the best of the best but sustainable and eco-friendly because to us, This Makes Scents!